Monday, March 2, 2009

friday colors

Monday post, but these were Friday's outfit. My friend Aashi at work was in lovely turquoise&green, which contrasted my orange&yellow. And against our brightly colored walls in our office, it makes for one very colorful composition.
today, no colors. too much snow.


erica said...

Wow, that's the best outfits ever! Snyggt!

pve design said...

Oh, I love this way of dressing.
Color makes me so happy.

Anonymous said...

I have worn black/gray/white for so long now..but staring at the photos on your blog of all the colors really brightens my day AND inspires me to buy colors this spring.

I already bought some bright scarves and am enjoying wearing at least one each day. today's is bright yellow and white.

these photos are my favorite. I love 'em.

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