Monday, April 27, 2009

atmosphere of celebration

i went to see matthias sauerbruch (a principal of sauerbruch hutton architects) lecture the other night, and was so pleased to hear him address COLOR! i've admired this firm for quite a while, in part because they so often clad their buildings in beautiful, colorful, performative skins.

it made me SO happy when he likened building skins to clothing - and said that when buildings have colorful skins, or people wear colorful clothing, it not only lifts the mood of the wearer, but creates an "atmosphere of celebration" for everyone nearby. well said, mr. sauerbruch!

in that spirit, anna and i are going to embark on another week of colorful outfits - posted every day. hopefully we'll make you feel more celebratory ... of course happily aided by the newly GORGEOUS weather!


The Clever Pup said...

wonderful to see modern buildings with colour.

Color Me Blogg said...

katie! love it! what a key quote. it's another week of celebration then!

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